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Have You Got Your Running Shoes?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's official: Australian business is on the move! From the Sunshine Coast to the globe, businesses are geographically mobile and there is no turning back!

Picture working conditions in the 1960s (Mad Men, the 1960s-based TV show springs to mind): men working (and smoking) at their desks, with female secretaries chain

ed to their desks by a cumbersome typewriter. Now flit forward to 2010; businesspeople adorning their smartphones, iPads and laptops, working from the road, at airports, in the office and from home. The biggest difference, apart from equality of the sexes, is mobility.

We can communicate with people from anywhere, receive mail at anytime and anyplace, conduct business in our pyjamas and hold a boardroom meeting between offices in New York, Hong Kong and London without even hopping on a plane! Never before has business had so many options; location, freedom, lifestyle balance, anonymity and, finally, the glass ceiling has been replaced with the infinite possibilities of social media and billion-dollar online businesses.

So what does that mean for your business and what is in store for 2011? Well, cost saving and greater mobility is my prediction! With the changing market trends ever affected by the economy, cutbacks are inevitable. Do you know what one of the most expensive things in the world is? Space! In 2010 real estate in Monte Carlo was valued at a whopping US$47,578 per square metre! So what does this mean for business? Well firstly, realistic cutbacks would be in this commodity of space itself, thus having staff work from their own spaces freeing up some of the overheads. Secondly, with globalisation and technological advances, businesses can expand their markets by competing in national and international markets without leaving their premise.

Out of Office working is on the rise, working trends are shifting and as a Telstra survey reports, over half of all working Australians are doing it. Are you?

Out of Office Matters is dedicated to this shift and each issue will highlight an important tool to aid your 'Out of Office' working. From cloud computing, video conferencing, bookable boardrooms, serviced offices and VOIP/MOIP to the three virtuals: offices, receptionists and assistants, the list goes on.

So watch this space and get your running shoes out; business is going places. Are you?


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