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Monday, March 21, 2011

At O3Office we often talk about the concept of “headspace”.  We recently sat down and took an in-depth look at this concept. What is “headspace”?  What does it mean for you? What does it mean for your business?  How can you get more of it?  And how can O3Office help you with “headspace?”

Put simply, headspace is….well… let’s stop for a moment. You see, headspace has two very different definitions, depending on whether you look at the traditional definition or the modern “urban” definition.  Let’s take a look at both:

noun.   headspace – the volume let at the top of a filled container (bottle or jar or tin) before sealing.

verb.   headspace – a particular frame of mind or worldview that is relative to and/or distinguished from that of others; where your head is at.

We find it interesting that the traditional definition of headspace is a noun…an object, a thing, something static and unchangeable.  Yet today, in the modern, tech world, headspace is thought of as a verb, an action, something we “do”. We see it just like this.  Headspace is not static, it is dynamic.  It has wings.  It evolves, and it creates.  We see headspace as a frame of mind, a place of innovation, or entrepreneurialism, of great ideas that change the way we do things.  It is at the core of every successful personal and business decision that we make.  Without it, we have no vision, we have no direction and we have no clarity of thought.  Headspace is vital.

Headspace is what we are hoping to achieve and what we are hoping to achieve for our clients - by providing the workspace to help YOU to have the headspace you need to achieve amazing things in your personal and business lives.  We are constantly working to ensure that the O3Office Network reflects the needs and requirements of the business community.

We are also constantly networking both online and offline - to expand our own headspace.  Not only does networking create business opportunities, but it allows us to "feed" our own headspace with inspiration from such great businesses on a local level such as Business Matters Magazine.  Our local community is filled with wonderful networks and groups that are guaranteed to fire up your headspace...The Sunshine Coast Business Women's Network is out there doing just that for women in business, as are Enlightened Goddesses who provide the perfect example of how a twist on a traditional networking group model can inject life into your headspace!  Facebook pages like Sunshine Coast Entrepeneurs are a classic example of the connection and empowerment of online communities.  Furthermore, "Groups" of like minded business-people are popping up all over facebook, in twitter feeds and in LinkedIn as another way of expanding your headspace and connecting.   We know that you, as readers will have businesses networking or mastermind groups in your own community that are just like these ones....take advantage of them and watch your headspace open up to opportunities!

Headspace is one of the biggest needs that we have identified at O3Office.  Our core purpose is for business clients to have a place to go where headspace can do what it needs to do…to allow you to innovate, create and achieve.  In a way, we are blowing the lid off the “filled container, bottle, jar or tin” mentioned in the Classic Definition above.  We are providing opportunity for you to nurture your headspace. And for your headspace to explode your business.

Tell us…what is your favourite way to get and maintain great headspace and be innovative?  

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