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Business Passion

Friday, March 14, 2014

Passion is priceless; for everything else there are professional business solutions.

As a business owner and an entrepreneur, I am certain that I am driven by passion. That’s what keeps me up at nights, bounces me out of bed in the mornings & drives each and every decision I make inside of my business.

I often reflect that being a solopreneur is one of the loneliest jobs in the world; no team to support you, no job description outlining what to do next. You pioneer each and every move you make, often running on what can only be described as fumes (both financially & emotionally!).

So the number one MUST HAVE for business; that’s easy...passion! You have to be inspired by your business, zealous about your product, and constantly striving to make your business the best it can possibly be. This isn’t a learnt skill, neither can you recruit for it. As the business owner & the engine room of the business the passion has to come from you... for everything else there are professional business solutions:

These are my top 5 business solutions intended to keep the passion for your business alive:

  • Outsourcing:

    Passion can often be burnt out when you are trying to do everything & be everything in your business; utilising virtual assistant services to assist with some smaller, time consuming tasks leaves you free to concentrate on being the visionary and working on the things that most matter.

  • Run the business on your terms:

    Not letting your work consume you and having clear delineations between working times and home time is an important part of maintaining balance and keeping you inspired by your business. A solution could be to rent office space or hire a room external to your home, even if for just one day per week. This room for rent could serve as a meeting room, office space, conference venue, training facilities, function room etc.

  • Remembering you are the boss:

    Remembering one of the reasons you started your own business in the first place was to be your own boss, it is an important lesson to manage your time and not be on call 24/7. Virtual reception services are a great way to field calls and to take messages when you are unavailable & to create interruption free times of the day.

  • Financial control:

    Laying awake at night as a business owner worrying about where the next money will come from is one of the biggest passion killers. If finances aren’t your strength, align yourself with a great bookkeeper and accountant.

  • Get connected!

    Being a business owner isn’t a solo journey; you must network! Join business Facebook pages, participate in relevant LinkedIn groups, attend business owners’ conferences and make connections for yourself and for your business. No one understands business better than other business owners; so embrace them, bounce ideas off them and share your passion; after all it really is your best business asset!

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