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Collaborative Consumption

Saturday, May 31, 2014

What is Collaborative Consumption?

Collaborative Consumption in the sense of the O3Network; 
O3 quite literally means ‘Out Of Office’ thus moving away from the static, traditional office structure & moving towards a geographically mobile way of conducting business. 
The O3Network is a very human tale of vented frustrations of working from the car, conducting coffee shop meetings & being evicted from public libraries for having been audacious enough to attempt to work from there! 

The juxtaposition of the collaborative aspect of attending English university life .......... with Queensland working conditions, travelling up to 3 hours between meetings, with no access to professional facilities & the costly overheads of commercial leases.

We are proud to be part of discussions and the FUTURE SHOCK line-up of experts in the field of collaborative consumption. Karen Lawson, CEO of CareerOne discusses the who, what, where, when and why this affects worklife and business. 

The inspiration of O3Office was to be a crusader in facilitating collaborative consumption & revolutionising the way Australians work by:

  1. Uniting meeting, training & work space at the local level & making them available at the national level.
  2. Climate change benefits of utilising existing resources & the cost benefits associated with outsourcing meeting space.

Interestingly enough there has been a substantial cultural shift during our 4 & ½ years of operation. 

In 2010 it felt like selling ice to Eskimos trying to convince businesses that:

  1. They aren’t compromising their brand integrity by utilising meeting room facilities not branded as their own (as you refer to this ownership consumption).
  2. They would be saving money by hiring professional facilities on an ad hoc basis, compared with the overhead expenses of having vacant meeting room space within their business premise.

Progress was slow, but O3Office has gone from taking one booking per week to facilitating thousands of bookings throughout its 200+ listings Australia wide utilised by major corporations & is now embraced as an essential business service for many Australian businesses.

Some big audacious statistics for you:

  1. Sydney businesses could be saving up to $1.7 billion per year in commercial real estate overheads by utilising external boardroom hire.

By utilising collaborative consumption of boardroom space Sydney business could be saving up to $1.7 billion per year.

The average boardroom is vacant for many hours per year & with thousands of businesses located within Sydney, this equates to accumulative of 155,200,000 vacant hours costing businesses $1,784,800,000 per year in unused meeting space!*

2. By utilising a boardroom as a co-working managed office an individual business can increase its revenues by $52,500 per annum*

Facilitating Australia wide meeting rooms, training rooms, boardrooms and co-working space, venues are taking advantage of having the O3Network manage their bookable space; arranging all facets of a booking including administration, liaising with the client and payments. Booking customers only have to choose the space or advise their requirements and our Venue Agents arrange everything for them - a win/win for all involved. Successful collaboration - synergy - energy - connection. 

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