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3 Types Of Things To Consider When......

Tuesday, August 05, 2014


Consider these things when downsizing your commercial office.

Does your office location have a direct effect on your profitability?  Is your office important to getting sales or has it become an ego driven exercise?  Are you missing out on opportunities for synergy or not having the budget for alternative marketing due to the cost of  having your own office?

With the ever evolving advances in mobile technology & an increase in outsourcing;  many businesses are finding less need to have a business shop-front & are slimming down their floor plate to a more profitable pallet.

As yourself:

1. How much space do you actually need?

What is the optimum office size for your business?  

Do all of your employees work full time or is there an opportunity for desk sharing?

Can your employees work at workstations rather than having their own offices?

Is there an opportunity for some employees to work from home?

Do you need a 40 hour per week serviced reception?

2. Where are your meetings held?

Do you need a dedicated meeting room?  How often is it used?

Do more than 4 people attend meetings at one time?

Could a dedicated office suite work well for meetings?

Can you move your meetings offsite?

3. Do you need a business shop-front?

Do the public need to find the office easily?

Are your clients regularly at your offices?

Does having a shopfront relate directly to sales?

Could your sales remain the same from a shared or serviced office?

Finally consider, do you absolutely 100% need a private exclusive office premise, or could you be missing out on opportunities for collaboration by utilising shared space or serviced offices?  With a shift in global trends towards collaborative consumption businesses are assessing both their carbon footprint and their connection with other businesses. 

What industry types would it be beneficial to be working alongside for your business & how could your business work smarter, be more connected & ultimately be more profitable based on its location?


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