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Headspace verses Deadspace

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tackling ‘Out Of Office’ Matters head-on, this issue we examine some mindset issues facing businesses and how ‘’Out Of Office’ solutions can alleviate them.

In my opinion, headspace is one of the most important aspects of business satisfaction.  Not only does headspace allow for innovation and progressiveness, but it enhances an individual’s experience of wellbeing.  Put simply headspace is a combination of professional pride & productivity.   It’s about not working inside the business & being reactive, but being proactive, forward thinking & having access to ‘Outside the Box’ thinking.

So what is ‘deadspace?’  Well I consider this to be the grey area of your business; the lethargy & procrastination.  They are the non productive hours which when you look back at your week you cannot account for.  Applied physically to your business , deadspace may also refer to those areas of your business which aren’t performing financially and also floor space which is underutilised.

After running a business from home for years, I found ‘headspace’ to be something that I struggled with.  There were times when I felt disenchanted by my working environment & would feel like a fraud holding important meetings in coffee shops & scheduling these meetings by phone at home in my pyjamas.  Couple this with hours spent half working and half emptying the dishwasher & mind wandering as to whether I should do some laundry or tidy up a little, you get a fairly typical home based business operator.

So what tools could I have utilised to have access to headspace?

-My number One tip: the physical act of getting dressed into work clothes while being at home is a powerful  symbol of being at work

-Zoning days into different tasks allowing for the all important time to work ON the business as well as working within & allowing times for household tasks.

-Changing the working environment; spending one day per week in a friend’s office, public library, a different part of the house or a serviced office.

-Hire a professional space for meetings to not only convey to the person that you are meeting that you mean business, but more importantly to yourself that you & your business is worth it.

I recently caught myself not practicing what I preach.  As passionate as I am about headspace for my business, I caught myself working from home & procuring a list of people to call when I am back in the office.  Here lies my point; rather than being in action & making things happen, I had yet again fallen victim to ‘deadspace’ over ‘headspace’  towards my work.

Clearly, we all know that the environment isn’t solely responsible for the headspace, however the psychology behind stagnant working is hard to ignore.   I have taken to physically changing offices at work every few months, or completing different tasks in different spaces.  Nothing changes but my perception, however my productivity & forward thinking are a testament to headspace .

Remember if you are aiming for ‘headspace’ for your business & not ‘deadspace; have a look at your work & meeting space!


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