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Thursday, May 12, 2011

You may have noticed by now, but I am passionate about Out Of Office matters!  The reason for this is that I believe that never before have businesses had so many OPTIONS available to them: but are we all making the most of them?

Do you love the way you do your work?  Do you love where you work from?  Do you embrace the tools available to you to fully leverage your time? Do you know your ‘O3’ options?

Most of us can divide up our working week into: working from the office, working from home, meetings at clients or suppliers offices, travelling between meetings, meetings in coffee shops, networking events & answering calls wherever we may be.

My question is; are you in control of this?  Do you have a structure for the options open to you & your business?

 Imagine the difference using a few of the following O3 practices within your business:

  • Outsourcing your incoming calls to a virtual receptionist service; minimising interruptions when you work & ensuring no calls get missed.  Your clients won’t even realise they spoke to a virtual receptionist.
  • Delegating those time consuming tasks to a Virtual Assistant, freeing up your time to work to your strengths & maximise your time.
  • Zoning your week; having dedicated days for:
    •  Meetings: hire a boardroom for the day & cut down on travel time by having your meetings come to you.
    • Headspace: if you normally work from home, imagine the difference it would make to rent an office for a one day a week.  Having dedicated headspace to work on the business or for completing those tasks that you sometimes put off.  Knowing that you are paying for this space & through the lack of the distractions at home, this may be all the difference you need to get your work done.  Also the buzz of other businesses around you can be soup for the solopreneur’s soul!
    • Homespace: If you normally work in the office, would you like the freedom of working from home one day per week?  With remote server log-ins & the marvel of cloud computing many companies are making this shift and embracing the work – life balance.
    • On the Road: Networking, business lunches & working from the road; with the benefits of Smartphone’s & cloud computing  by utilising ‘Hot Spots’ at Serviced offices throughout Queensland, you may be remote, but you are never disconnected.  Having a desk for an hour during the day may be all you need to balance your day.
    •  Playtime: Well this is Queensland, so how does a surf in the morning, lunch with an associate, collecting the kids from school & popping a ‘shrimp’ on the barbie sound???  In an ideal world we all should embrace the work – life balance & make time for the things we enjoy, while our businesses are accessible at the click of a button.
The point is, never before has the solopreneur had so many options; so let’s utilise them, embrace them & really love the way we work!


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