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Successful Staff meetings

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

(don’t forget there is no ‘i’ in team!)

Why hold a staff meeting?
Whether you have one employee or one hundred, the benefits of having dedicated time to conduct a “team” meeting is priceless. 

Even sole traders would benefit from quarterly or annual alignment meetings with their team of advisors, consultants and suppliers.   The purpose of these meetings is to allow effective communication, align all parties and ultimately to drive the purpose of the business forward. The benefits include: alignment, inter-business communication, staff morale, training and ultimately the successes for your business.  So why hold a staff meeting......Why not!? 

How regularly should they be held?  
Whatever works best for your business, depending on size and the logistics of getting all of your team together.  Some companies do departmental meetings weekly, other full staff meetings monthly or quarterly. What matters is that all members feel they are a valued part of the team and the meetings are informative, interactive and most of all enjoyable!

How long should they take? 
This can be down to the size of the business but a general rule of thumb would be to try to stick to no longer than an hour and a half. If they seem to stray over either:
1. Set a stricter agenda and manage the timings of the meetings
2. Consider departmental meetings or staff reviews to run alongside the general meeting so many topics/ issues have already been dealt with  
3. Ask your team for feedback on the meeting. What do they think? Are they too long? Are they relevant to them? What topics would they like to be covered? Your team will appreciate being asked for their input and your business is only as good as your team, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Where should they be held?  
If your business has a boardroom, this is a good place to start.  I would never recommend having it around workstations or where the bulk of work is carried out due to too many distractions and the lack of fresh headspace.  What about using a supplier’s boardroom for your next team meeting? Would the team benefit from a tour of the premise or a product demonstration at the same time? What about a serviced office for a neutral meeting place?  What about providing catering for the meetings? What would work well for your business and give you the best results? 

Finally: However often they are, wherever they are held and however long they take; the most important thing is that your team is aligned, empowered and most of all enjoying being a part of your business.  After all without the team, there is no business, so have fun and ensure that your meetings matter! 
Next issue: Formidable formats for your next staff meeting!

Vickie Johnson from O3office  

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