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Working From Home

Friday, March 21, 2014

Home working always sounded so ideal to me; getting up when you wanted, being your own boss & balancing home life with your businesses needs with ease. 

In reality, this is a far more complicated juggling act which may leave you fantasising about having a serviced office with extensive coffee facilities or a sophisticated meeting room with impressive boardroom tables. Some serious family considerations need to be taken into account when deciding where the best place is for your work.



Top 5 pitfalls of home based businesses:

5.   You never get to leave your work at work!
Picture leaving the office at 5pm, closing the door & going home.  Sure you still have your smartphone & laptop computer, but home is home & you can always set up for a few hours work after the children have gone to bed, but psychologically, you have left the majority of work at work.  Now picture working from home & the hazy lines between work time & home time.  For me work just never went away; taunting me from down the hallway when I was watching a movie, vying for my attention on my way to the bedroom.  Even when the office space was in the garage, I had to walk past it on my way home & it became a physical reminder of work in my home.
Tip: Try having your office space in a less used area of the house & having a closed door ritual when you finish work each night


4.  Domesticity calls:

Ok, so you start work, realise you are hungry so when you go to the kitchen you realise the dishwasher needs stacking & while you do that you may as well put a load of clothes on to wash, then the dog needs letting out & you end up wiping down all of the kitchen sides.  The home phone rings, a neighbour pops over & you start tidying up the garage while looking for a hammer to fix the kitchen shelf.  The end result; it is 2pm & the kids will be home from school shortly & you haven’t really started work!  
Tip:  Use a default diary & zone in some times for domestic chores, but ensure they are not replacing work time


3.  Perturbation & lethargy:

For some people there exists a psychology around homeworking.  The feng shui of working in the place that you sleep & relax is conclusive.  In an environment that you are used to kicking back & relaxing in, it can be difficult to switch the subconscious over to ON!  Getting up late, spending  time thinking about what to do & procrastination are all signs of not having a stimulating work environment.
Tip:  Try going for a walk first thing & returning home to start work for the day OR rent office space for a day a week to boost your productivity


2.  Lack of professionalism:

Often feelings of lack of confidence & feeling ‘small’ can be associated with home based businesses.  
Tips:  Ensure you dress in business attire each day & consider boardroom hire, booking meeting rooms or rent office space or a serviced office when conducting meetings.


1.    Family tension:

Be aware that your decision to work from home affects your family too.  When children are home from school, the need to keep quiet can be an issue.  Equally, tensions can exist from partners who work out of the home to come home & have expectations of a clean house.  Tensions can also result from late night working when relationship time should be prioritised.
Tips:  Clear communication & rostering of chores can avoid thwarted expectations


In conclusion, if you can master this work life balance & run your business from home; sensational!  But it does involve discipline, routine & a few out of office tools.


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