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What NOT to do when facilitating training

Thursday, April 02, 2015

When facilitating a training session, there are certain things that will detract from it. Here are some guidelines on what NOT to do or be when training. Regarding your learners, don’t:
  • Allow people to talk too long and not control audience participation.
  • Ignore the need for learners to have time to reflect on a topic or idea.
  • Make all conversation go through you, not allowing conversations between learners.
  • Be slow-paced for the audience or have inadequate variety and style.
  • Have inadequate break times.
As you gain experience in facilitating training, you will learn ways to conduct yourself to make it a better session. When you are training don’t:
  • Ask only ask questions designed to give you an excuse to pontificate.
  • Love the sound of your own voice so much that it dominates the session.
  • Make yourself the real content of the workshop.
  • Refuse to listen.
  • Be distant and aloof facilitator and unwilling to personalise the session.
  • Be someone who always has the answer and is not be willing to say “I don’t know”
A great training facilitator learns to manage the content of the training session or workshop. Being organised is something that will help deliver a training session that works well. To improve the delivery, don’t:
  • Relentlessly recap information, restate ideas, and summarise the obvious.
  • Overload the session by piling activities on top of one another 
  • Keep doing the same thing hour after hour.
  • Tell lots of stories without getting to the content.
  • Get completely focussed on the clock, rigidly sticking to the agenda.
The O3 Network has any training room you need. With rooms all over Australia, you can find a training room on our website or we can source one for you, free of charge.

By knowing what not to do when facilitating training, you will avoid some of the mistakes in training sessions and your learners will not get distracted. They will be able to focus on learning and at the same time, have a great session! 


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