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How to Get Organised with Training

Monday, May 18, 2015

catering training room hire

When you are training adults, whether it is a breakfast networking meeting, a one day event, a short training course, or an adult education classes with TAFE, as a trainer, being organised is the key to training that runs smoothly. 

Here are five ways to get organised with your training.

1) Have a training schedule for each training session and stick to it! Having said that, be flexible if there is a need to move training components around.

2) Have any printouts handy and ready to hand out at the appropriate time. You don't want people reading through the printouts when you're delivering critical training information. It may be better to wait until you have finished your presentation before circulating training materials.

3) Test your technology and equipment. Get to your training room early and set up your technology first. Check the internet connection if you are using the internet in your training. Depending on your training room, it may be better not to rely on the internet and download any media required to your computer. That way, if there are connection issues, your training is not affected.

4) Have backups of your presentation, and check you have all required training materials. Have spare handouts and extra pens, notepaper, whiteboard markers and whiteboard eraser. 

5) Ensure the catering is booked well in advance and numbers are confirmed before the training with any special dietary needs. On the training day, contact the caterers to ensure they have the correct details and they are delivering at the correct time. Sometimes the information doesn't get through to the kitchen staff. It is always good to check.

By following these organisation tips, you will be more efficient and effective as there is less chance that things will go wrong.  And you can concentrate on what you do best - training!



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