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10 Tips on Setting Up Your Training Room

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

When you are presenting a training course, there are many things to check with the training room you hire. Here are our top ten tips for setting up the training room to ensure a great training session.

1) Set up technology first. When you are comfortable that your presentation is working on the data projector, you can then do your 'meet and greet' knowing that all is operating as it should when you start your presentation. This also gives you an opportunity to have a page with your branding and information about the training session.  Allow extra time for technology hiccups, especially if you haven't been to that training room before.

2) Test the internet connection. If you have a presentation that relies on a YouTube video and the training room has a slow internet connection, that reflects on you as a trainer. Always have a back-up and preferably do not rely on the internet for your training presentation.

3) Maximise learning by setting up your training room the best way for the number of trainees and the type of learning. If the training session is less than about 15 people and designed to be interactive, often a U-shape works well as it gives the trainer an opportunity to walk amongst the trainees and gives an inclusive feel.

4) Ask your training room provider about the air conditioning and if you are able to adjust it. Make sure you know where the air conditioning control is! Check with your audience a couple of times during the day to ensure their comfort levels. A room's temperature can change quickly from an empty room to one filled with eager trainees.

5) Check the lighting and decide if you have certain lights off during a presentation for better visibility of the screen. Before the training session walk around the room to check the lighting from various angles.

6) Position the screen, whiteboard and/or flipchart where everyone can see it. Check that there is no reflections or poor visibility from various aspects of the room.

7) Once the seating arrangements have been confirmed, any handouts can be placed on chairs or tables and a brochure table can be set up.

8) Ensure there is access to water during the training session, whether this is jugs of water on tables, or a water cooler.

9) Mints and snacks are appreciated. Ensure that urns are switched on for coffee or tea and fresh milk is available. Decide ahead if you will encourage people to help themselves to refreshments or wait until break times.

10) When the room is set up, take some time to breathe and focus your positive thoughts on your training session.

When your room is set up, you're ready for your 'Meet and Greet'. By being organised and preparing your room well, you will be off to a great start with your training. 


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