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Are you a Trainer, Facilitator or Presenter?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The terms training, facilitating, and presenting are often used interchangeably when, in fact, they differ depending on the purpose of the session. 

The purpose will determine the structure of the session and the skill set used to deliver it. Think about the purpose of the session to determine if it’s training, facilitation or a presentation.

The purpose of a training session is for learners to acquire knowledge and skill for use in their current position. 

In a facilitated session, the participants are guided through a process which might include generating ideas, analysing the ideas, solving a problem or making a decision. 

A presentation is a session where information is delivered to the audience to inform, persuade, inspire or simply entertain.

Trainers may use a facilitative style in a training session where they act as more of a guide or tutor than a traditional trainer. There is always a balance between giving the learner the information and allowing the learner to discover things for themselves. However, if the purpose of the training session is for learners to acquire knowledge and skill, then it is still considered to be training. 

A trainer could deliver a lecture to present information in a training session. So if the purpose is for the learners to acquire knowledge and skill, the lecture will provide the knowledge and should be followed by some type of practice and feedback for the learners to develop skill, resulting in training.

If a trainer delivers a lecture and nothing more follows, then information has been presented but no training has taken place. In this case it is a presentation or information session.

Whether you are a trainer, facilitator or presenter, O3 Network has the training rooms located in your city or town all throughout Australia.

There are great presenters who are deliver presentations in a dynamic way and there are skilled trainers who use a facilitative style. Which one are you?


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