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About Us

The O3 Network is Australia's out of office network providing boardrooms, meeting rooms, office suites and training rooms bookable by the hour, half day, full day & often longer term by arrangement.  
O3, meaning 'Out Of Office' (hence 3 x O's) was created out of vented frustrations over coffee shop meetings and often inadequate home working conditions for a professional business outcome.  
The inspiration was to create a 'Wotif' for the business world and enable all businesses access to professional business facilities.   


Because O3 makes sense!  

While there are fantastic meeting, working & training facilities in every town, city & village in Australia, there equally are business people meeting in coffee shops, working from their cars, hiring hotel rooms for interviews and conducting training in overcrowded boardrooms.
No boardroom, meeting room or training room enjoys 100% occupancy, equally businesses that have their people on the road, conducting recruitment or meeting in coffee shops need the overheads of an office in these locations for 100% of the time.
Hence 'O3' Australia's 'Out Of Office' solution...

Existing professional facilities sit vacant for at least 40% of the time costing their owners revenue, this is where O3 fits in; our dedicated team source professional business facilities that meet our quality requirements and we sign them up to The O3 Network.  
Our customers range from home based businesses needing occasional meeting space through to Registered training organisations facilitating regular workshops or multinational companies conducting franchisee training.  
Whether our clients use us for a one-off business need or factor the O3 team as part of their regular business team, either way we are achieving our goal of empowering businesses 'Out Of Office' and providing access to professional work or meeting space AUSTRALIA WIDE.

The O3 team are on a crusade to provide access to professional work, meeting or training space everywhere that business is being conducted in Australia.  
Our 'Find it for free' service is designed to encourage clients to stop the time consuming task of sourcing venues themselves & let our team do it for FREE!  
As proactive as our team is at adding venues to our network, we prefer our clients to tell us where they need us.  We have the contacts, skills & charisma to secure a great solution for our client.  
Our listings currently extend from North Queensland to the Gold Coast, Perth to Darwin, Melbourne to Sydney and the listings keep on growing.....

The Journey:
As most start up businesses can attest, The O3 Network was not an instant success overnight.  
First launched in January 2010 the network consisted of five Sunshine Coast serviced offices and became a passion project of blood, sweat, tears & laughter.  By June 2011 the network listings had grown to fifty and the online booking system was launched.
This was the FIRST meeting room booking system in Australia and it was launched to the market alongside a Queensland wide survey into 'how and where business was being conducted' to monitor the need for technology and automation in the current business climate.  The results were conclusive for push towards automation and the O3 Network pushed ahead....
With large-scale market approval of the concept and multiple awards received during late 2011 & 2012 The O3 Network was hailed in the top 21 'SMART' companies and as a finalist in the 'COOL' company awards.  Also inline with the businesses environmental ethics, O3 was shortlisted in the QLD Premier's State Environmental awards and achieved goal of being 'carbon neutral' 

Our Strengths & Learnings:
Our ability to listen to our clients has altered the O3 service offerings and made the network what it is today.
The O3 product has shifted since its concept, initial listings included professional but 'private' business facilities (such as Accountants boardrooms) but we listened to our clients feedback and concluded that all of our listings need to be professional but 'public'.

The biggest shift the O3 team has experienced was the decision made in mid 2013 to suspend online bookings in favour for a customer service approach.  This has without a doubt, been one of our biggest successes, enabling us to really connect with our clients, become their personal venue consultants & many times forming a part of their teams.

Our future:
As we grow in our client numbers and venue listings, our team love doing what they do & we never stray from our mission & vision of:
Empowering businesses when they are' Out Of Office' by providing access to professional work, meeting & training space AUSTRALIA WIDE

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