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29-Jun-2010 Doctor Angela Huntsman from the Australian Institute of Human Development (AIHD) comments on O3Offices concept of HeadSpace for business.

Hello...and welcome to the area of O3Office Online HeadSpace section.

Watch this space, it will cover the side of work life that can make or break your business.

What is HeadSpace?

HeadSpace is about what is going on in your head. HeadSpace can mean different things to different people. HeadSpace is really driven by how we feel. Whether we are introverts or extraverts we humans are social creatures. We need to be around each other. (This is one explanation as to why we like to have the TV on so much - we get to watch people!) Social facilitation is an area of behaviour and motivation that basically describes the phenomenon of humans doing more and/or better when around others.

O3 HeadSpace is about creating a productive work environment that helps you do what you need to do better and helps you do it all in a supportive frame of mind. This idea of social facilitation and HeadSpace is a core foundation for the kind of motivation that O3Office inspires. O3Office and the Australian Institute of Human Development (The AIHD) have worked together and been inspired by the core theories of human motivation to embrace the notion HeadSpace. Theories of human motivation capture what we know about what helps us be at our best. In the business world being at our best translates into success and financial reward. An important part of this success is about having control over our financial security and our financial freedom and enjoying the trip along the way.

So How Are We Impacted by HeadSpace?

Have you ever had great days where time flies, things click and you feel like you can do anything?

That is what GOOD HeadSpace is all about. On the flip side we have all had days where nothing goes right and we feel like we have fallen into a heap and can't seem to get anything right. This is the kind of HeadSpace we need to get over quickly. If we stay in this negative HeadSpace too long it has a negative effect on our business, our emotions and those around us.

HeadSpace can make or break us. O3Office isn't just a place to have a meeting... A place like O3Office can help you find that productive HeadSpace you need to shape your work and your future. We know that HeadSpace is driven by attitute - and our attitude can turn us on a dime from powerless to powerful and vice versa. Creating ways to generate our own positive HeadSpace is the key to business success.

HeadSpace May Mean Different Things to Different People

The right HeadSpace can give you the opportunity to work in a professional environment in peace and quiet, or to be able to meet with clients - rather than perched at noisy cafes or other public spaces, and to also have the opportunity meet up and work with others from different industries, something you can't do when you are working from home of floating about on the road.

I believe in the saying 'Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% what you make of it.' Let O3Office be a part of how you learn to make your day - your way.

So watch this space!

The AIHD will provide regular headspace updates on topics to help you kick start your day, your business, and your can-do attitude. We will provide you with ideas for things you can do that can start up a real inspirational zest for the things you can do to be successful and inspire you to make it all happen over and over again.

O3 and the AIHD are here to support you to do just THAT....

Look out for more helpful ideas about HeadSpace right here.

Happy HeadSpace!

Dr Angela Huntsman
The Australian Institute of Human Development


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