Training Space Finder

Booking Terms & Conditions

I agree to Training SpaceFinder securing a booking of a single client's use of my venue.

I have accepted the booking as per the booking request and hereby agree to the pertaining terms and conditions. I understand that the details on the booking request are final once I have accepted the booking and I agree to the booking of the agreed room, for the specified dates, times and to include the additional requirements for the pre-agreed room hire rate which is inclusive of GST.

I will notify Training SpaceFinder of any proposed changes to the booking in writing.

If for any unforeseen circumstances the booking needs to be cancelled, I agree to giving a minimum of one months notice in advance, honoring the bookings up until an agreed date.

Training SpaceFinder will invoice and collect payment from customers who have booked through them and will pay me the pre-agreed hire rate which is GST inclusive payment to my nominated bank account on the Friday following the conclusion of the booking.

I and my staff agree to the following conditions of the Training SpaceFinder booking:

To provide the facility at the dates and times booked; allowing the Training SpaceFinder customer ease of access;
To provide a clean, well presented room conducive to professional environment;
To ensure that a booking calendar is kept up to date to ensure double bookings do no occur
To supervise the bookings from a timekeeping perspective and to politely inform the customer when the customer’s allocated time has expired;
To receive and deal with Training SpaceFinder customers professionally, respecting their right to privacy, to use the facility for the times booked and to host guests of their own within the facility;
To supply drinking water & glasses for each booking of the facility
Access to toilets is provided;
To either meet & greet customers, or ensure that facilities are clearly directed by signage;
To be available to assist Training SpaceFinder customers with any problems and responsibly to supervise their premises;
To be responsible for our belongings and property & for ensuring that customers leave the premises: Training SpaceFinder is not liable for any theft or damage;
Public liability insurance must be in place and current (it is my responsibility to inform my insurance company of the additional use of the facility under the terms of this agreement);
To indemnify and keep Training SpaceFinder indemnified against all claims, costs, expenses, damages, loss or liability made against or incurred or suffered by Training SpaceFinder arising from the use of the facility by an Training SpaceFinder customer excepting where such claim, costs, expenses damages, loss or liability arises as a direct consequence of a negligent act or omission on the part of Training SpaceFinder.
If required under the terms of any lease of the premises of which the facility forms a part I must notify the landlord of the additional use of the facility under the terms of this agreement.

I acknowledge that:
This agreement is intended to benefit my business by making room vacancies within my venue, available to the Training SpaceFinder. Training SpaceFinder takes all responsibility for the booking and payment and for ensuring that Training SpaceFinder customers agree to the Training SpaceFinder terms and conditions.

I agree that any form of solicitation by my business directly to a Training SpaceFinder client to obtain future direct bookings is professionally unacceptable and will result in a termination of this agreement

The whole of the terms of my agreement with Training SpaceFinder are as set out in the Agreement and no brochures or other material form any part of it;

This Agreement may only be varied in writing which is signed both by me and by Training SpaceFinder   

(Please provide bank details for the direct transfer if you are not already a registered Member of Training SpaceFinder)

"I have been using Training SpaceFinder for the past couple of years and the team has been absolutely fantastic!  

We use venues around Australia and they are always really efficient in getting me the best price and location available and making sure additional extras like data projector, whiteboard, Wi-Fi are included in the packages as well as room requirements to meet our compliance requirements.

I would highly recommend their services to any RTO or business looking for training venues and meeting rooms."

Ann Young, CEO
International Institute of Technology