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Ozone Issue 11

Welcome to the Ozone section of the O3 Network, where we continue to help you, your business and the environment.


The Australian Institute of Human Development's founder, Dr Angela Huntsman has given her insight into how the O3 Network and it's concept can benefit businesses of all sizes. Here Dr Angela Huntsman discusses the idea of Head Space for your business.

For a long time Virtual Offices have been utilised by small business looking to have a larger scope and client base, nowadays, they are used by businesses of all sizes and are an invaluable tool. O3 offers virtual office addresses all over Australia, so get yours now!

By utilising existing infrastructure and resources th O3 Network is helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint. For more information regarding this, and to find out how O3can help your business become carbon neutral please contact or visit our environment page.

Featured Article

Formidable Formats for your next staff meetings:

What is a format that works?
My advice is not to be afraid to try and test different formats and to be open to feedback from your team.

A staff meeting is an opportunity to highlight what is different about your business & to embrace it. How could you personalise your staff meetings? Would it be suitable to have music set the tone? What about a YouTube clip that inspires you? What about a funny joke to share (appropriate of course). How about handing samples around, ordering food in or showing a PowerPoint slideshow of the last month’s company achievements?

Another powerful tool is to rotate chairperson of the meetings to get all team members involved. This will empower your staff members & will provide a point of difference for each meeting. It will also give each member a voice and may provide items that you adopt as future regular features.

I would always use an agenda for the meeting, issued to the chairperson and these items may include:

• An update from the director/ manager to communicate important changes & overall direction for the business,

• Celebrating achievements: Opening the floor up to celebrate all company wins and individual achievements. It is important to acknowledge these, even personal achievements, to ensure cohesiveness and renewed vigour for the coming month.

• Company statistics: I am a great believer in sharing company goals to motivate the team and to align all players in the direction of the business. If for example, the goal is to achieve 500 hits on the website per week; then tell the team. If it is to have 50 new members per month, have a running tally in the office so everyone is informed and can celebrate the achievement. If your team doesn’t know where they are going, how are they going to know when they have got there!?

• Employee of the month: Being recognized and praised in the workplace by your manager/peers is one of the most powerful tools within a business. This recognition can be for any achievement: top sales or for outstanding customer service. Whatever it is; embrace it, celebrate it and set an example of it.

• Any other business: This is a useful topic to allow all members to contribute what is important to them. This could either be handled at the time, or submitted into the agenda prior to the meeting.

Whatever works for your business and is well received by your team goes a long way in making meetings educational, enjoyable and memorable.

Finally, assess the outcome at the end of each team meeting, did your team bounce out of the room full of inspiration or was there a hint of negativity? What could you do differently next time? What would your team suggest? A team with open channels of communication, clear set goals & the experience of being valued at work; are an unstoppable force, so reflect & decide did your meeting matter?

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