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Do you ever need help with your satellite venues?

More & more of our clients are being tasked with sourcing, securing & handle the ongoing management of off-site training rooms as an additional part of their job role.  

Did you know that O3 offer dedicated Venue Agents for this task?  Our agents are venue experts, highly skilled & extremely professional.  They have exclusive access to thousands of Australian training rooms and work with your organisation to match your budget, requirements, location and provide a full venue service.......  & the best thing is this service costs your organisation nothing!

Scenario One:

Jayne from PC Training has been asked by her manager to source a new training facility in Canberra to accommodate a brand new class starting in 2 weeks’ time for 20 attendees for 4 weeks (mon-fri, 9am-5pm) for a budget of $1,500 per week

Jayne calls several organisations but no one can accommodate all the booking dates & the majority of venues charge $400 - $500 per day which is out of her budget.  Jayne spends two days calling venues & in despair takes to social media & a friend suggests O3.

O3 take the full details of the booking request, including dates, time, budget, facilities & full requirements.  Jayne receives an immediate engagement email detailing the full scope of the booking & two hours later she receives a ‘review’ email detailing two venues who can facilitate her booking.  Jayne promptly selects a venue & receives a professional booking confirmation & invoice which she presents to her manager.   Her manager is impressed that Jayne found a venue to meet their exact requirements & Jayne is relieved how straightforward the process was.  Jayne diligently files away O3’s contact details for her next venue booking.

Scenario Two:

Aaron owns a training company which conducts specialist training throughout Australian CBD’s.  Aaron spends his time marketing the courses, providing the trainers with their course content, organizing their travel plans & verifying course quality.  Added to this list he is constantly booking venues and finding new venues when the dates don’t work or they are conducting a course in a new area.

Aaron contacts O3 for a Sydney CBD venue for a new course.  O3 promptly supply a venue to meet their exact requirements & handle the booking smoothly.  Aaron contacts them next time the course is scheduled in Sydney & again reflects how smooth this process is.  By the third Sydney booking, Aaron is booking venues for 20 courses around Australia & the O3 team offer their nationwide services.

O3 get the full scope for each training location, including full requirements & budget. Aaron is presented with venues that meet the exact requirements & he agrees to those venues.  From now on, Aaron simply emails his venue agent his yearly training scheduled for all locations & the O3 team coordinate all the booking logistics, leaving Aaron to pay one monthly invoice & focus on growing his business.

Scenario Three:

Errol manages a Registered Training Organisation that facilitates full time training across 27 locations Australia wide.  Errol has a state managers that handles all of their state’s training, attendee numbers & venue hire.  Errol has managers for NSW, QLD, VIC & WA all coordinating their off-site training venues whilst managing their daily workload.

Errol contacts O3 for assistance with their venue workload after several of his manager complained about their struggle to find venues and securing good sites & the logistic of jugging each venues terms & conditions, along with not being able to find any venues in some areas.

O3 conduct a venue overview & obtain the full booking details for each of the 27 sites.  One agreement is entered into & one monthly invoice is issued for all 27 sites. 

Errol’s team benefit from nationwide venues that are exclusively available to O3 & enjoy better booking terms, a professional service & a holistic approach by a team of dedicated venue experts. 

Errol’s team are freed up to focus on their primary role & ALL ongoing venue logistics care handled by the O3 team at no additional cost to the company.

Is venue coordinate affecting your productivity?  Would it benefit your organization to utilize the services of a venue expert for no cost to you?

What is the current cost of venue sourcing, contract management, ongoing logistics & coordination to your team?

Streamline your operations & benefit from a venue expert to handle your venue logistics while you do what you do best: train!

Contact the O3 team today to discuss how we can be saving you time, money & logistical headaches!

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