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Did you know that the O3 Venue Agents are the secret behind our success....? 

With customer service at the heart of all that we do, our dedicated team of Venue Agents tirelessly work for our clients for all of their meeting & training room needs often becoming a integral part of our customers team.

With clients often telling our wonderful venue agents that they wish they had know about our service sooner, we asked our agents to share what they love about their job & to provide some examples of how our clients use The O3 Network:

“It is really satisfying being able to exceed a client’s requirements.  I often have customers calling having found a particular listing on the website & wanting to arrange that booking; only to realise I can handle all of their bookings Australia wide!  I have many clients contacting me regularly to organise all of their meeting or training rooms saving them the ongoing time, effort & coordination.”  Anna O3VA

“My speciality is training room bookings.  I love win/win scenarios where I am assisting my client with a training room venue, while proving the venue with revenue for their vacant training room.  Happy customer, happy venue & happy me”  Nicole O3VA

“Many people struggle to understand that O3 is the reverse of many real estate websites.  Instead of the emphasis being on what listings we have, I find my focus is on what the customer wants.  We are continually sourcing venues in diverse locations or to suit particular requirements.  With customer service being the key, we are clear about our clients needs, wants & desires & our job is to match them with the venue.”  Jade O3VA

“The O3 customer service is the outstanding element to the O3 Network.  Rather than an impersonal automated booking site, O3 is all about its people & places.  We really care about meeting our clients requirements & understand the importance of their meetings & required services.   Our venues often remark about the detail provided for each booking & the customer care we provide to all parties involved.”  Aroha O3VA

“Clients often remark to me that they wish they knew about our services earlier.  Lots of PA’s spend an extensive amount of time sourcing meeting venues & organising bookings & hoping the facility is suitable.  The PA’s that contact me, know that I will arrange the entire process & that we have already check out the venues.”  Leanna O3VA

“What O3 does is really simple, but it sometimes take people a while to understand how we work.  A client remarked that it sounded ‘too good to be true’ the other day, but it’s not.  Where people use hotel booking sites & travel agents for holidays, we offer this same service to the business world of meetings & training.  We charge exactly what the venue charges  & coordinate the entire process, giving the client one contact person, one bill to pay & a one-stop-shop for their Australia wide venue needs.”  Vickie O3VA

“I enjoy business growth & seeing clients start as a one-off booking, to regular bookings, multi location regular bookings through to securing permanent facilities & often us hiring the space back off of them.  By using our network on an as needed basis is a smart business move & one that works for the majority of our customers”    Lee O3VA

Did you know you can utilize the services of an O3 Venue Agent to coordinate you nationwide meeting & training room bookings at no expense to you?  

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