Training Space Finder

Venue FAQ's

Why have I received this proposed booking?

Training SpaceFinder operate as venue agents for our vast Australia wide client base & we have contacted you because:

i) You are already one of our preferred venues listed on our sister O3 website

ii) Our client has requested a venue in your region & your venue qualifies for this booking

Do I have to take this booking?

Absolutely not. Training SpaceFinder facilitates a win-win for our clients & venues alike. If you already having bookings on the dates requested & cannot facilitate the booking, declining the booking promptly will enable our venue agents to source an alternative local venue for accommodate this booking.

What do I do if I can take the booking but in an alternative room, or at an alternative time/date?

Please click the ‘Propose Alternative’ button & let us know what you can accommodate. Our Venue Agent will then confirm with our client to see if this alternative matches their purposes or not. We will keep you informed of the outcome.

What if I want to accept the booking, but we don’t provide one of the requirements (ie. Internet access)?

That is fine, simply click ‘Accept’ & in the body of the message specify which facility you do not have, we will confer with our client regarding this. If is often not an issue, but communication is the key.

If I accept the booking what happens next?

One you have clicked the ‘Accept’ button, a tentative booking will be made. Our venue agent will then confirm this booking with our client & will promptly send to you a confirmed booking remittance. Please ensure this booking is made within your system & the booked room is made available to our clients for the booking dates & times. Payment of the accepted rate will be made into your nominated bank account on the Friday following the conclusion of the booking & a remittance will be sent through.

What do I do if I cannot take this booking but would like to receive more bookings?

Simple click ‘Reject’ booking but add in comments: “I would like to received future bookings”

Our venue team will then contact you about listing your venue on our website & prioritizing bookings in your direction. There is no fee for this service.

What does Training SpaceFinder make from the bookings?

It depends on the booking type & the client as to the amount that Training SpaceFinder makes from each booking. Typically commissions are between 10 - 30%  but this amount does vary however as with some clients, Training SpaceFinder may facilitate ALL meeting & training room bookings, therefore in some instances management fees are charged directly between Training SpaceFinder & their clients, meaning that there is no commission on venue bookings.

The amount quoted in the ‘rate’ section of the booking proposal is the final amount which will be paid to your venue in accordance with our client’s budget.

What about my venues terms & conditions:

As Training SpaceFinder deals with entire client portfolios across 1,000’s of nationwide venues, we have blanket terms & conditions for both our clients & our venues. Our venue terms & conditions are fair & have met with all of our existing venues approval. We will not enter into separate venue agreements for our bookings.

We have $20,000,000 in public liability insurance in place for all of our bookings & all client payments come directly to Training SpaceFinder & we pay the venues at the conclusion of the bookings. We provide venues peace of mind that no booking proceed without client payment having taken place & we streamline your administration, booking, invoicing & payment chasing process. All you need to do is click ‘Accept’ booking, make the room available at the time & date booked & received the payment on the nominated date. That’s it!

What if I reject the booking & the client comes to me directly?

Training SpaceFinder's clients work with us for a nationwide solution, not a one-off booking at the local level. If you do not accept a booking from Training SpaceFinder, we will be place the booking at an alternative venue as this booking will form a part of a larger venue portfolio.

If for any reason you take a booking through Training SpaceFinder & in the future our client contacts you directly for a future booking; that’s absolutely fine & shows your customer service must be great! We do however draw your attention to our ‘no direct solicitation’ clause in our terms & conditions, which is there at the request of our clients. The majority of our bookings are part of a larger schedule for our clients & they do not wish to coordinate each individual venue booking, hence them engaging the services of Training SpaceFinder.

"I have been using Training SpaceFinder for the past couple of years and the team has been absolutely fantastic!  

We use venues around Australia and they are always really efficient in getting me the best price and location available and making sure additional extras like data projector, whiteboard, Wi-Fi are included in the packages as well as room requirements to meet our compliance requirements.

I would highly recommend their services to any RTO or business looking for training venues and meeting rooms."

Ann Young, CEO
International Institute of Technology